3 keys to creating successful and effective emails to your customers

Many people, despite their long experience in the world of email marketing make frequent errors in their mailings. According to several marketing studies only 56% of the emails received by potential customers are interpreted correctly. This is largely due to the overestimation and lack of initiative that many professionals have in updating their knowledge. Product marketing is an area that changes frequently and bets daily on innovation, versatility and adaptation.

Using trite, common and not very transparent phrases can end up in a misunderstanding or in the loss of a potential customer. For this reason, we must focus our attention on creating mailings with clear, concrete and effective ideas. In this way, a successful and effective campaign will be obtained.

Credibility and clear ideasCreating

an eye-catching email that makes a clear and effective proposal is the best way to capture a customer 's attention. Many people use the famous phrase "sorry to bother you" to start their mailings, turning their mail into a nuisance instead of an interesting proposal for the customer.

This common mistake reduces the credibility of the provider and cuts off any genuine interaction between the two parties. Customers appreciate honesty and in most cases a good email creates affinity and excellent collaboration. For this reason, it is essential to create mailings where clear motives or interesting proposals are presented.

Avoiding phrases that can be misinterpretedPhrases

such as "to be honest with you", "I will try", "let me know if there is anything else I can do for you" or "no problem" can create serious misunderstandings.

Beginning with the phrase "to be honest" can be interpreted by the client as if on previous occasions the provider has been dishonest and on that occasion pretends to be honest. This situation would create total rejection on the part of the client. While the phrase "let me know if there is anything else I can do for you" creates a wide range of services provided by the provider. In most cases the client makes requests that are not within the reach of the company and that end up in the loss of the client.

The same happens with the rest of the phrases mentioned above, all of which are confusing and create an unrealistic view of the proposal. That is why it is important to transmit your message well and to create emails with an impeccable writing , which must present a clear idea of what you want to obtain from the customer.

Creating emails that provide effective solutions or proposalsMany

people use emails to talk to their clients about obstacles or suggestions for the project to be carried out, without generating an effective solution or proposal. It is common for a client to encounter obstacles in their project and only receive emails with phrases such as "I perfectly understand how you feel".

This causes more discomfort and frustration in the client, it is better to channel and provide all solutions in a fast and timely manner. The client will always value effectiveness and speed and reward it with loyalty and collaboration.