A Free Web Hosting Services Worth It?

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? Are you thinking about starting your own online business? Do you possess the mind of a freelancer and are you looking to expand upon a dream? These are three excellent reasons to create a retail-oriented website. Still, there are some major factors to address in advance. One of the most common questions involves whether free website hosting services are the best options or it is more prudent to pay for a more robust e-commerce platform. Let's clear the air by taking a look at each.

You can then make an informed and objective decision at the appropriate time.What Are the Benefits of a Free Web Hosting Platform?The most obvious advantage of such a platform is simple. It is absolutely free to utilise. This is most likely the best option if you have absolutely no financial resources to spare. Common examples include WordPress, Wix and Weebly.

The architecture can be implemented within a short period of time and if required, you can upgrade to a more advanced platform in the future if needed.Might There be Any Drawbacks?Unfortunately, there are some notable drawbacks with such options. In this respect, we are not disparaging these services in any way. We are simply pointing out that free services are not nearly as comprehensive as paid subscriptions (think of a free anti-virus platform as opposed to a paid variant that is constantly updated in order to address new threats). Here are some of the most common (and concerning) pitfalls with free e-commerce solutions:

  • The levels of customer service tend to leaver much to be desired.
  • Built-in apps such as widgets and templates are often limited.
  • The chances are high that you will be forced to learn a fair amount of HTML coding.
  • You may encounter functionality issues (such as slow page loading times) on occasion.
So, it is clear to see that a paid alternative may be warranted.Why Choose a Professional E-Commerce Provider?What are some of the reasons why a growing number of freelancers are choosing more robust platforms such as Shopify Plus? First and foremost, a knowledgeable representative is always available.

Secondly, these services are engineered for those who do not possess a great deal of coding experience. Some other windfalls include (but are not limited to):

  • Numerous customised templates to choose from.
  • Secure point-of-sale (POS) systems.
  • Second-to-none levels of encryption.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Cross-channel marketing possibilities.
  • Software upgrades occur on a regular basis.
To put it simply, paid web hosting services will always trump what their free counterparts have to offer. The final question is what you are looking to achieve with your retail website. While there is nothing wrong with beginning with a free service, an upgrade will eventually be required.

This is why it could be better to begin with a solid digital foundation from the very beginning.