Els beneficis de compartir sense posseir

The success of companies based on the collaborative economy is related to the new trends in which users and consumers buy and sell products and services. The economic crisis has sharpened the commitment of entrepreneurs by finding different ways to optimize the resources available to individuals, so that this new concept of business can supply a good number of sectors and activities.Finally, we have already begun to see this type of initiative in the world of travel, by means of exchange or sale of second-hand objects and in the offer of personal skills, but the possibilities offered by this new way of interacting with the market are incomparable.Collaborative consumption has attracted the attention of a good part of the population for various reasons. The first of these must necessarily refer to the optimisation of available resources, since the efficiency and the state that these types of projects are or could be based on are indisputable: acquiring them collectively, undeniably, is more economical than doing so at a private level.On the other hand, the social interactions that are produced through the exchange are another attraction of this type of initiative. Social relations humanize the market, making the user and the consumer the protagonist, and experience provides very positive assessments of the likelihood of repetition or recommendation to others.

Entrepreneurship and the summer season: the perfect combination for

the collaborative economy One of the foundations of the collaborative economy is based on sharing and sharing the resources of individuals. Therefore, any possibility or interaction that can be exploited by a third party will give the place a business or market opportunity: once the possible exchanges between individuals have been detected, it will be necessary to have a brand or platform that will make it possible for them to contact each other. In this sense, we can say that this is a great ally of the collaborative projects. During the summer season, when the greatest fluctuations in the number of people occur, it is not difficult to find ideas aimed at facilitating the accommodation or movement of visitors and seasonal travellers.

Accommodation, exchange and accommodation have become the new solutions for vacations: tourist attractions are more accessible than ever thanks to the collaboration of the entrepreneurs. renting apartments in Gandía, the Costa Brava or any other favourite tourist destination will meet the needs of a number of individuals.