Google waives the 100,000 euros a 12-year-old boy mistakenly spent on AdWords

The use of Google's advertising services by a 12-year-old boy and his 15-year-old friend has just made the news due to a curious misunderstanding. As is known, these services of the Internet giant are restricted to adults, but it seems that in this case the protagonists managed to skip the security measures with consequences that could be fatal economically. In fact, a 12-year-old boy from Alicante, who wanted to enter the world of youtubers, hired the Google AdWords service to earn money by inserting advertising in his YouTube videos, without realizing that what he was doing was paying to advertise his website. This way, together with a friend, they started to spend money until they reached 100,000 euros of debt in their account.

This well-known Google advertising service promotes websites of all kinds by means of ads paid by the user, who wants to appear in privileged positions as a result of searches for certain keywords and to strengthen their position in a certain sector. This is an effective but sometimes expensive way of promoting a website, which is managed by deciding at all times how much you want to invest in the advertising campaign. The 12 year old boy was able to register with this Google service by entering an email address, a bank account and a website to be promoted through advertising. From August of this year, charges of 50 euros would start to arrive to that account, until reaching at a dizzying rate almost 100,000 euros of the total.

Immediately, the parents proceeded to close the channel of this precocious youtuber to prevent the amount from growing any further. As the boy explained, his intention was to obtain a certain amount of money to buy musical instruments along with his friend of 15 years, with which he has a band called "Los salerosos de Torrevieja" Fortunately for the family, Google has launched a statement announcing the cancellation without cost of the account, mainly because it is a minor are not clear their responsibilities as a signatory of such a contract, which in reality should never be formalized. Normally, he would have had to go through an age control or at least provide an ID card. In any case, there is no doubt that any complaint to the family of this child would have resulted in bad press for the Internet giant.