Why a Reduced 2021 Draft Could the Best Thing for the Marlins' Roster

We are all aware that the world of sports has been impacted by the current global situation. The good news is that (for the time being) things are slowly beginning to return to normal. This is why it is no surprise that the 2021 Major League Baseball draft has not been cancelled. However, we also need to mention that a reduction in the number of rounds from 50 to five will undoubtedly have an impact upon how teams obtain players.

In other words, more is not necessarily better. Clubs such as the Marlins are now being forced to choose quality over quantity. How might this impact the upcoming season from a strategic point of view? Without getting into the details of individual prospects, let's take a broader approach so that we can extrapolate what we might witness in the 2021 season.Obtaining the Cream of the Crop?The Marlins currently have six draft picks. This is obviously a challenge from a managerial point of view, as the strengths and weaknesses of each individual player will now be even more important than ever before.

It therefore stands to reason that management will need to weigh its options very carefully. When we also take into account that the Marlins signed no fewer than 31 players during the 2021 season, times have indeed changed. Still, they are by no means alone in regards to such restrictions. As the draft has been curtailed across the boards, other teams are faced with this very same dilemma.

In other words, the playing field should nonetheless remain levelled even though the number of draft picks has decreased.What Should Fans Expect?While it is hoped that the Marlins will be able to add some fresh talent to their roster, we need to keep in mind that their placings in the 2021 National league East were far from stellar. With 57 wins and 105 losses, there is certainly room for improvement. Might the addition of new blood help this team rise to its apex? Of course, only time will tell.This is why fans and sports betting enthusiasts should adopt a slightly more cautious approach. As opposed to predicting that the Marlins will sweep the NL East, it is rather prudent to wager that their win-loss ratio will be improved.

This performance will also be based upon what other teams bring to the table, so the outcome is far from certain.What is known is that all Major League Baseball teams will have to think carefully about their 2021 draft picks as well as how these players could make or break their performance. This is naturally assuming that the season will commence as normal (although with reduced attendance and seating capacities). The good news is that it will not take long to discover the choices that the Marlins make. Fans and players alike will be very interested to see how these decisions will ultimately impact the performance of this team in the coming months.